Essential Tips for Using a CCTV Service

Adding a CCTV service to your home and business is a reliable way to boost their security. If you want your service to become extra effective, you need to identify some of the simple flaws that can affect it. With the right tips, your CCTV installation will deliver unbeatable results.

Know your blind spots

Thieves that have plenty of experience will know which blind spots to look out for. If they identify any at your site, they may not see your CCTV installation as a deterrent. To prevent this from being a problem, ask your installer to help you identify blind spots and introduce a CCTV service that covers them. Pay close attention to areas with vulnerabilities, as they're more likely to attract the interests of professional thieves.

Make sure your cables are secure

One simple way for a thief to disrupt your CCTV service is by sabotaging the cables. Fortunately, this is something most professional installers are aware of, so they try to secure your cables accordingly. However, if you're worried that yours aren't as secure as you may like, or if they've loosened, take steps to secure them. As a part of this process, ensure you camouflage them. When they're not obvious to would-be thieves, they're less likely to become a target.

Test your camera's logistics

Paying for CCTV with super-sharp images is an excellent way to identify someone who trespasses on your property. However, that image isn't going to prove useful when a thief or trespasser can cover the camera easily. Before installing yours, consider whether its height and angle will allow someone to throw something over it and obstruct the image. Repeat this test for all the cameras on your site.

Focus on making sure it's weatherproof

Even if you live in an area where adverse weather events aren't common, you can't make assumptions about whether your camera is weatherproof. Naturally, you can't simulate hurricane-like conditions to perform a fully rigorous test. You can perform a simpler test, though, by giving the camera a shake. If it feels loose, there's a chance that it may not withstand fierce weather conditions. As a result, you should secure it as soon as possible.

By focusing on potential security flaws, you can make your CCTV installation more successful. Always make sure you re-test elements such as blind spots from time to time. With a little effort, you'll benefit from a CCTV service that's hard to bypass.