Why Your Actions Could Damage Your Laptop

For the last decade or so, tablets and laptops have become far more prevalent than the traditional desktop, complete with its tower. People want to be more mobile these days and as Wi-Fi is so prolific, can take the machine with them wherever they may be. Manufacturers understand the need for portability and design these compact machines accordingly, but it's important to remember that they are still somewhat sensitive and prone to damage if you're not careful. [Read More]

Why Install a Dry Pipe Fire System on Your Carpark?

If you need to install a fire detection and prevention system on your car park, then you aren't limited to traditional wet pipe systems. A dry pipe alternative may be a better fit for you. How do dry fire systems work and what are their benefits? What Is a Dry Pipe Fire System? A wet pipe fire system is the traditional way of preventing fires from spreading. The pipes that feed sprinkler systems are full of water. [Read More]