Why Access Control Systems Are Ideal in Aged Care Homes

If you are in charge of making major decisions in an aged care home, such as if you are the owner or someone in upper management, then you might be the one who is responsible for things like changing the locks. You might not have done this in a while, but it might be time to totally change up the lock system in your aged care home. For example, installing an access control system instead of more traditional locks can be a particularly good idea for these reasons and more.

Keep Residents Safe

One of the number one things that you might be concerned about in an aged care home is making sure that your residents are kept as safe as possible. A properly installed access control system can help reduce the chances of a key falling in the wrong hands or someone otherwise being able to access the building when they shouldn't, which can help with keeping your residents and your employees safe.

Make Things Easier for Employees

Employees might have to do things like push residents in their wheelchairs, and they might have to push them in and out of the building. It can be a hassle if employees have to fumble with their keys when trying to push a wheelchair or when otherwise helping a resident. An access control system will probably be easier and more convenient for your employees to use when they are walking in and out of the building.

Keep Medication Restricted

You might keep a lot of medication in your facility, especially if any of your residents take multiple medications. As such, you could be concerned that the medication might fall in the wrong hands, and you may want to keep it secure. Luckily, an access control system will make it easy for you to restrict access and keep track of who goes in and out of the room where the medication is stored.

Avoid Having to Change the Locks or Make Additional Keys

Having an access control system can save money and time. Right now, if something goes wrong — such as if a key gets lost — you might have to change all of the locks. If a new employee gets hired, you might have to make them another key so that they can access the building. If you install an access control system, however, it will be easy to change the code or deactivate a certain badge or card when needed, and it should be easy for you to provide access to someone else, too.

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