How To Replace A Security Door

Many owners install security doors to increase the level of safety in their homes. Screen security doors come in different styles, features and colours. They are economical and popular. You can replace an old security door with a new one that suits your home and needs. Installation is easy, so you can do it yourself. Follow the steps below when replacing an outdated security door with a new one.


Buy the security door you want from the relevant store. It should be the right size, colour and have all the features that you want.  For one-way hinges, purchase one-way hinge remover. You will need a screw driver, a pry bar and a tape measure. Check the manual of the new door to ensure you get all the necessary tools and equipment that you will use during replacement.

Removing the old door

Using a hammer, gently remove the casing around the security door to access the unit. Unfasten the nails from the casing and set it aside.  Check out the hinges of the door to find out whether the screws are one-way or regular. One-way screws should be removed using a specialised remover. If they are the regular kind of screws, then a drill or regular screw driver will work just fine.

Remove all the hinges, detach the door and set them aside. Remove the frames by detaching the fasteners from the door jamb and use a pry bar to loosen the frame from the wall. Cut hidden fasteners between the jamb and the frame using a sawzall. Remove the frame. If it has been welded into the wall, use a saw to cut it to sections before removing it.  

Installing the new door

Put the frame of the door in place. Use fasteners to secure them to the door jamb that will hold the frame to the wall.  Ensure the frame is flat for sturdiness. The security door frames come when they are pre-drilled. Use them as guides to mark the location of holes. Drill through the walls and use a level as a guide for straight holes.

Place the security door in the right position, put the nut on the inside part and set screws on the outside part of the holes, Using a washer, secure them in place. Place a casing around the door to cover up bolts on the inside part. The casing also creates a finished look that is professional. 

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