Tips for Painting a Cork Pinboard

You can paint your cork pinboard at home if it no longer appeals to you or if you would like to give it a new lease of life. This article discusses a few tips you should keep in mind if your painting job is to produce a very attractive cork pinboard.

Use Colors Similar to the Cork

Select a color like golden brown to paint your cork pinboard. This is because golden brown is very close to the original color of the cork and there will be no contrast with the material once you stick a pin into the board and then remove it. Colors like white should be avoided because they create a very visible contrast with the underlying material once a pin is removed from the pinboard.

Use a Sprayer Instead of a Roller

When you are painting the pinboard, use a sprayer rather than a roller or brush. This is because the sprayer lightly puts the paint on the board so it will apply a very even layer that will look very attractive once it dries. Brushes or rollers leave lines showing how the brush or roller moved and that spoils the appearance of the painted cork pinboard.

Select a Metallic Paint

Metallic paints are very good to use on cork pinboards because they reflect light in all directions. This helps to draw attention to the board and people will easily be attracted to read the information there. Metallic paints also diffuse how visible pinholes are in the cork pinboard so the board will remain looking new for a very long time.

This is in sharp contrast to pinboards where non-metallic paints are used. In such boards, you can practically count all the holes made by the different pins that were stuck into the board. These visible holes make the pinboard to look less than appealing.

Apply Few Coats of Paint

Apply only two or three coats of paint on the cork pinboard. This is because few coats of paint allow the brown of the cork underneath to shine through so that pinholes are masked from view by the natural texture of the cork.

Keep the tips above in mind when painting your cork pinboard and you will not be disappointed by the results of your labor. You can use these tips to give your pinboard a new look each time you feel like changing its appearance.