Use These Tips to Make Your Exterior Sliding Doors More Secure

When building a patio or deck, you will find exterior sliding doors vital fixtures to add to your home. Besides providing access to your patio or deck, these sliding doors will also allow plenty of light into your home. Unfortunately, these exterior sliding doors usually lack strong locks, and, therefore, can allow easy entry of intruders and burglars. For this reason, it's important to add some security features to these doors to make them as secure as possible. Therefore, to increase the security of your exterior sliding doors, here are some tips you should consider using. 

Block the Track of Your Sliding Doors

Blocking the track means that you are allowing movement of only a certain length. To serve this purpose, you will need to place a metal or wooden dowel or rod on the track. These rods will fill our track completely, and make it harder for an intruder to force open the door from outside because of the limited movement.

Use Door Lift Stoppers

Even after blocking your sliding doors, an intruder may attempt entering into your home by lifting the door off the track. This will even be easier for them if there's enough clearance between the tracks and the door frame. Therefore, to prevent this, secure your door rollers using a deadbolt. The deadbolt is fitted at the base of your slider to prevent it from being lifted off the tracks. Alternatively, installing door lift stoppers can also do the trick. This is done by drilling a hole into the frame of your exterior sliding glass door and inserting a metal rod that will make it harder for the door to be lifted from outside.

Use Security Bars

A security bar is an important security tool that you should consider installing. These bars are fitted between the doorframe and the sliding door itself. These security pry bars act as extra locks and often come in a wide range of sizes and designs based on the size of your door. When installing the bars, you should consider one that will force the slider into a closed position when someone attempts to force the door open or lift it off its tracks.

Secure the Glass

The glass on your sliding door can be vulnerable and may be an easy access of burglars into your house. Therefore, consider using reinforced or tempered glass. For added strength, consider reinforcing the glass with wire.