Behaviors that Homeowners Should Avoid to Increase Home Security

According to statistics, 42% of all home burglaries in Australia are done through unforced entries. The statistics raise a lot of questions regarding the role played by homeowners in preventing thefts. If these figures are anything to go by, then certain aspects make homeowners prone to burglaries. Notably, burglars have become smart, and they will disguise themselves as they look for the next victim. However, you can take certain precautions to keep your home safe. This article highlights ideas to prevent intruders from gaining access to your home.

Avoid Hiding Keys Outside Your Home -- Families tend to have a secret place outside the house for keeping their home keys. While you might think that you have a clever spot for hiding keys such as under a unique stone, the fact is that burglars are aware of such tricks. Most home intruders will first survey the home of their potential victim by disguising themselves as cable technicians or even landscapers. The moment they see you hiding your keys, be it under a vase or stone outside your home, is equivalent to gaining access to your house. Therefore, make sure that every family member has a copy of the house key to avoid hiding it outside the home for those that do not have a copy.

Avoid Publishing your Whereabouts on Social Media -- Gone are the days when burglars used to guess which house they will break into with the hope that the owners are away. With the pervasiveness of social media today, criminals are not short of victims. The reason is that we tend to update our whereabouts on social media and criminals are aware of this behaviour. With this in mind, burglars have resorted to visiting social media pages of their potential victims to find out who is away from home at a particular time. Once they are sure that you are away from home, it becomes a rather easy task for them to go around all other security features you have in place such as CCTV cameras. As such, avoid posting your whereabouts on social media every time.

Avoid Overgrown Lawn -- You can install several CCTV cameras as well as security lights on your compound, but if there are overgrown bushes on your lawn then criminals would find a blind spot. It is especially the case if the bushes are near windows or doors where burglars can hide as they pick door and window locks. Therefore, you should ensure that any shrubs or trees around the windows and doors are properly trimmed to create clear entrances and avoid blind spots that intruders can take advantage.