What Should You Invest in if You're Ready to Mix Music?

If you're looking to create a beginners home audio setup in order to mix your dance music, then investing in the right equipment help you produce your best work. It's all too easy to rely on a standard pair of commercial speakers to do all of your mixing, however having proper headphones and monitors is key in order to mix accurately so that they sound good on any speakers. This guide will provide a source of information to help you to make an informed choice about what equipment invest your money on.

There is no single answer to whether you need speakers, monitors, headphones or a mixture of the three. If however you're working in a home studio or in your bedroom with poor sound insulation, then some closed back monitor headphones would be the better option. Monitors differ from headphones and speakers as they don't boost any of the frequencies, and allow you to establish which frequencies need attention in the mix.

If you've got a commercial setup, such as some B&W speakers and a TV, they will naturally boost certain frequencies to make the sound more pleasing to the ear. It's almost like a quick mix. Whilst you can get monitor speakers as well, closed back headphones cup the ears and reduce outside noise. If you have some insulation then open back headphones would be better, as they produce more accurate sounds by not enclosing the sound waves.

If you have a bit more money the next thing to invest in would be some nearfield monitors. These are speaker monitors designed to be used in a smaller space. They are less powerful, but allow for a more accurate mix than headphones alone.

Then, think about what you want to listen to your dance music on. If it's a mix for larger speakers, then use speakers. If it's a private mix for headphones then use them instead. Most professional sound engineers will use a combination of all three so that they can hear the mix on different mediums. This will allow them to create balanced mixes that don't resonate with too much bass when being played through headphones or commercial speakers. That being said, if you don't have enough equipment there are often youth clubs and studios around that can be hired out in order for you to test your mix. 

If you're still unsure of what equipment you need, contact companies such as Tivoli Hi-Fi Pty Ltd.