Practical Cabling Tips for Managing a Data Centre

When a company experiences an IT system issue, one of the main causes could be unstructured or badly planned data cabling. Most firms usually assume that a local electrician or their IT team can manage the wiring. However, the reality is that such companies would do better when they hire a reliable cabling service. If your company is thinking of getting fibre optic cabling, a lot of caution must be exercised when it comes to picking a qualified service provider.

Whether your company has chosen to get network cabling service or wants to DIY, below are essential data centre cabling tips:

Purchase quality cable

Currently, there is a variety of data centre cabling systems available in the market. Most cable and connector materials differ, and the better the material, the more you'll pay to get it. For instance, gold connectors can resist corrosion, but they are costly compared to other types. In case your cables will be difficult to access or placed in hostile environments, consider choosing gold.

When expecting to grow, fibre optic will be worth the upfront cost

Does your company handle significant volumes of data or does the data need to cross a long distance? Are you expecting the enterprise to grow soon? Well, if so, the best decision would be to allow a reputable fibre optic cable company to handle the project planning and installation. Due to the long distances most data centre cabling projects cover, your service provider will be engaged right from the beginning. This is due to the complicated special requirements and the delicacy of the installation procedure.

Label everything

Whenever your IT system is down, your team should be able to access the right cable and know exactly where it terminates. All cables in the cable room must be labelled clearly to enable you to trace any fault. The company can't afford to waste time testing cables randomly just to find the fault whenever your system is down. When you work with an experienced network cabling company, proper cabling will be a routine matter.

Try to leave sufficient slack

Sometimes you may need to move cable connections or reconfigure the office, so if possible, consider leaving additional slack in your cable. This makes it easy to make necessary changes if need be. But don't leave a long cable that could make a mess of the cable room.

Irrespective of your data centre requirements and budget, most enterprises can benefit from working with a fibre optic service provider. Data cabling is such a vital task that it should not be left to inexperienced employees.