Why Install a Dry Pipe Fire System on Your Carpark?

If you need to install a fire detection and prevention system on your car park, then you aren't limited to traditional wet pipe systems. A dry pipe alternative may be a better fit for you.

How do dry fire systems work and what are their benefits?

What Is a Dry Pipe Fire System?

A wet pipe fire system is the traditional way of preventing fires from spreading. The pipes that feed sprinkler systems are full of water. When the system detects a fire, its sprinklers open the pipes and the water then flows down on to the fire to put it out.

A dry pipe system works in the same kind of way from a detection perspective. When the system detects a fire, its sprinklers engage and open their pipes.

However, the pipes on these systems aren't full of water. They link to a water source, but the parts of the pipes close to sprinkler heads are full of pressurised air or nitrogen gas.

As this air or gas displaces through the sprinklers, it creates space for water to move through the pipes from its main supply point. This water then comes through the heads and onto the fire as usual.

Why Use a Dry Pipe Fire System on a Carpark?

Wet pipe fire prevention systems only work if water can flow out of the pipe and into the sprinklers. This isn't usually a problem indoors or in areas where the pipes are heated.

However, these systems don't always work in outdoor structures, like carparks, where there is no internal heating source. In colder weather, pipes might freeze. When this happens, the water inside them freezes, too.

From a general perspective, this can give you headaches with burst pipes. When the weather warms up, the pipes might leak. This breaches your fire system, making it less effective, and you'll have to repair the problem.

Plus, you have no guarantees that your sprinklers will work if your pipes are frozen. A fire could take hold and your system would not respond.

A dry pipe system compensates for cold weather problems with pipes. It keeps water out of the area until it is needed. If there is a fire, there is a small delay, but you have the peace of mind of knowing that water can come through to your sprinklers even in sub-zero temperatures.

For more information on the benefits of using a dry fire detection system in your car park, talk to fire system installation companies.