Tips for Painting a Cork Pinboard

You can paint your cork pinboard at home if it no longer appeals to you or if you would like to give it a new lease of life. This article discusses a few tips you should keep in mind if your painting job is to produce a very attractive cork pinboard. Use Colors Similar to the Cork Select a color like golden brown to paint your cork pinboard. This is because golden brown is very close to the original color of the cork and there will be no contrast with the material once you stick a pin into the board and then remove it. [Read More]

How To Replace A Security Door

Many owners install security doors to increase the level of safety in their homes. Screen security doors come in different styles, features and colours. They are economical and popular. You can replace an old security door with a new one that suits your home and needs. Installation is easy, so you can do it yourself. Follow the steps below when replacing an outdated security door with a new one. Materials [Read More]

3 Fictional Supercomputers You Wouldn't Want to Meet—And 2 You Would

In the not too distant future, taking your computer to a computer technician might be more like asking a doctor to save the life of a family member. Advances in technology in recent years are nothing short of astonishing, with your smartphone being able to talk to you, and your internet search engine can now be operated via voice control. It's just a matter of time before software developers can give these devices a personality, or at least a reasonable simulation of one. [Read More]

Spilled Something on Your Laptop Keyword? Follow These 4 Steps

In 21st century life, laptops are a part of daily life in the office and at home. Spilling something on your keyboard, whether it's a glass of water, a hot cup of tea, or a whiskey and ginger ale, can seem like a nightmare scenario. And truly, if the spill is bad and you are unfortunate, this could spell end of days for your keyboard. But that doesn't have to be the case; if you act quickly, you might be able to avoid the computer repairs shop altogether. [Read More]